Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pin-Point System

Starting the game, you'll be able to pick one of several points.
This will determine the dialect, markings, and other stats
that determine your susceptibility to cold or depth.

Each social group will have different benefits and
downfalls, starting with alternate skills.
Warm-water Orca would lose body heat more quickly,
Orca from arctic regions would prefer the cold, etc.

Each pin-point will mark large populations of Orca,
some who may be friendly or unfriendly toward
Orca from your specific starting region.

You could potentially grow your territories, pushing out
undesirable whales, fish and dolphin that eat your food sources.
Human anglers would keep track of your populations,
matching their numbers with yours if you hunt too much.

Migration would be necessary to continue the game,
keeping your pod fed as well as finding other Orca
to cooperate with.

Maps & Meters

Pixel art world map, soon to be inhabited by pin-points,
areas of interest and fish migratory patterns.

Depth-meter, breath-meter and a test mini-map!
More to come very soon.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Killer Is Born

Tentatively titled "Orca" is a game where the player controls 
a cetacean creature commonly known as a Killer Whale.

Things to come:

Survive by eating at least 500 pounds a day.

Fend off or hunt other predators.

Migrate from ocean to ocean.

Learn new skills from wild Orca.

Gain reputation and followers.

Avoid capture by poachers.

Escape capture, or be forced to perform.

Learn special tricks from captive whales.

Communicate and learn from other animals using sonar.

Some very early screenshots:

Dynamic water surfaces with waves

Randomly generated coral and starfish

Test fish jumping through a test surface

As you can see, it's all still in the early stages.
But that's what this blog is for, more to come.

- Terrible Tom Pereira